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Project 4 in Google Classroom

Project 4

Budgeting resources is a critical part of any business. We are buying metal to build picnic tables for the high school field to be placed below the pavilion. Your job is to determine the best way to cut to material to maximize usage and minimum waste. Be sure your numbers are accurate because this is something that we are actually doing and we will have over $600 worth of materials.

All iron comes in 20 foot joints, expanded metal comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets.

In an ideal situation we would need 10 joints of 2” angle iron, 2 joints of 1” square, 4 sheets of expanded metal and 6 joints of 2” square. Can you find the best way to cut the joints so that we get all the needed pieces out of this much metal? Draw a diagram for each piece showing where the cuts are to be made.

Pieces needed (for one table) We are making 3:

2 “ angle iron
6 96” long
3 36” long
4 12” long

1” square tubing
4 36” long

2” square tubing
3 36” long
4 31” long
4 10” long
4 18” long
2 35” long

Expanded metal
1 36” by 96”
2 12” by 96”


Project # 1 in Google Classroom

Project # 1

Create a logo that represents you. Be sure to include at least eight lines that represent all four types of slope. Follow all required steps in the rubric.