Macomb Public Schools Shifting to Virtual Instruction

Over the last week Macomb Public Schools has had three confirmed cases of Covid-19 within our school community.  We immediately contacted the Oklahoma State Department of Health each time we learned of a positive case, and worked with OSDH to identify people that will need to be quarantined.  We did not learn of the first confirmed case until Thursday.
In addition to the cases confirmed this week, we also learned of some students and/or their families that had tested positive over Fall Break.  None of these students were at school this week, and none were thought to be contagious when they attended school prior to Fall Break.
While the number of positive cases is still relatively low, the ripple effect of people quarantined due to these cases can get very high.  We want to provide the safe and effective learning environment we have all become accustomed to at Macomb.  For this reason, we will be shifting to virtual instruction beginning Monday, October 26.  It is our intention to be back in session for in person instruction on Monday, November 2.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
-Matt Riggs